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On the other hand, breaking the speed limit in such cars can be an inevitability.

Speed limiters will club powerful cars over the head harder than it will hit ordinary biffabouts. A limiter will act as a leash, holding the car back and canning that sense of freedom that many people buy more powerful cars. At that point, the question will arise: What would you be paying the extra for, really?

Instead, heads will turn to the classifieds, where dwell cars without the speed nannies. People who want performance will look to these older examples, built before It's called a dealer swap or trade, and is only available with new cars.

It costs money to flatbed or drive new cars back and forth. You might end up eating some of that cost if you stick with Chuck. In theory, you really should have located the vehicle in the color you want at dealership B and negotiated.

Understand that Chuck may want a deposit or even an agreement that you're going to buy the car wxnt in from dealer B. The problem is that the dealer is negotiating from the sticker price.

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We're often tethered to the first piece of information we hear, a phenomenon known as the anchoring bias. In this case, the sales rep wants to take that sticker, inflated with all kinds of fees, and offer you a bargain relative to it.

If you've done your research, you can beat dealers at their own game by dropping your own anchor initially. With car-buying, the key is finding the real cost of the vehicle to the dealer before you start negotiating. Services such as TrueCar.

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Bring a printout from the service you've used to find the dealer cost, so the salesperson knows you're not blowing smoke. Toggle navigation Tour Subscribers Log In. Search Close. Newer cars no longer need a key put in an ignition, making them vulnerable to relay theft - where thieves open your car with just two black boxes bought online.

The best way to prevent the theft is to keep the key in a central location in the house, well away from outer walls, or inside a signal-blocking wallet or box. Research carried out by Cag Express found that less than half of the vehicles reported as stolen are recovered.

Secure your ride, people!

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