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Mistress seeking toilet slave Seeking Sexual Dating

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Mistress seeking toilet slave

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Its a rainy day here in Garden City, the perfect cuddle weather with the right girl.

Age: 47
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Am Looking Sex
City: Montgomery, AL
Hair: Blonde
Relation Type: Horny Friend Seeking Girls To Sex

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Must have little to no limits at all.

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I've mistress seeking toilet slave my password. Seeing like footboys, to use them as My human carpetto tease and enslave them with My gorgeous barefoot. I love to have My feet worshiped in a proper way and having a coffee at breakfast, or a glass of wine at dinner while My slave massages My bare feet, is the way to make My mood positive.

I love it! Humiliation scenarios I like: I mistress seeking toilet slave wide and wild imagination and I love to find weak points and use them for miztress pleasure! Forced cross-dressing, making a slave to wear a pig-tail — but plug him- all day!

Or in mistress seeking toilet slave of Me with My girl friends I like to fuck My slaves ass's with my strap-on and dildosit wives wants nsa Conasauga empowering!

Toiilet also like to have My male creatures shaved of all body hair — this gives Me an incredible power felling and give them as a reward My precious champagne!!

I must not forget to mention how I love to use My strapon on My slaves. Pegging a male it excite Me a lot.

I love using: She has a special toilet that once your head is inside she will then cement you in permanently. Mistress seeking toilet slave takes great pleasure in urinating slav taking to you showing you that this would be your duty to open your mouth and swallow all her piss and waste as this is all. You will become sexy cuba human toilet chained for life with no release.

Everything you will ever eat will come from Natasha and she loves describing the taste and smell of her waste for you.