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Revealing too much personal information Ready Sex Date

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Revealing too much personal information

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A few decades ago, personal information like that was usually kept private.

Problems at home affect your work. And your childhood influences who you are as an adult. But in the past few years, many self-help books, blog posts and TED talks have centered on the idea that we should be authentic.

To be an authentic person, what you say you and what you do must line up with what you believe. Somewhere along the lines, several aspects of authenticity seem to have become twisted. You might put yourself in physical danger by revealing too much to the wrong person.

There is nothing wrong with sharing things online, though, we may know someone (or this maybe you) that gives too much personal information. Oversharers sometimes just lack personal boundaries. about relationship issues or to reveal their financial problems to total strangers. If someone starts to give you too much information, your first line of defense should be. Sharing basic personal information on Facebook can give fraudsters all they need to steal your identity. The bad guys don't need to know much.

You could alienate people who feel uncomfortable by the amount of personal information you share. The difference between being authentic and oversharing stems from your intentions. Here are some reasons people cross the line sometimes unintentionally from being authentic into being an over-sharer:.

If you share your mistakes in an effort to help others learn, you are being authentic. Authentic people build relationships.

Over-sharers blurt out personal revealing too much personal information in an attempt to gain a sense of massage newcastle thai, without building trust.

Authentic people, however, tolerate that anxiety and carefully consider whether it's good idea to share. Are you telling your neighbor about your financial issues because you want to gain sympathy?

Are you telling your co-worker about your health problems because you want her to understand how it will affect your performance? Or, are you trying to reveal private information because you want him to think of you as a confidante?

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Obviously, there are times when sharing comes out of necessity. But before you share your personal problems, think about your reasons and consider free sexy kahaniya potential consequences. Remember, you inrormation still be an authentic person and maintain your sense of privacy.

If I post my personal problems on Facebook does that make me authentic? Psychotherapist and international bestselling mental strength author.

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